Determining Aluminum Foil Thickness Lab

Two common concepts used to measure the thickness of a small rectangular piece of aluminum foil:
1. Volume of a rectangular solid V=  Length × Width × Height
2. Density of a substance D= Mass / Volume

Calculate the volume of your aluminum piece.
Use the density formula, D = mass/volume for this. Solving for V gives
V = mass / density
(Volume of foil = ________ cubic centimeters = ______ ml)
Note: 1 cubic centimeter occupies the same volume as 1 milliliter.
Round your answer to match the origincal measurement that had the fewest significant digits.
(Volume after rounding for significant digits = _________________ ml)
Calculate the thickness of your aluminum.
Use the formula of a box, V = length x width x height
solve the formula for height, which represents the thickness of the aluminum foil in cm.
(h = _______________ cm thick)
Round your answer to match the original measurement with the fewest significant digits.
(Thickness after rounding significant digits = __________________ cm.)

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Two formulas provided above are important for the calculations. We should use them correctly to get an more accurate thickness.

Here is an example of the measurement of thin thickness thing: